Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surface Runoff

Today I visited the restored Las Virgenes Creek. The area was cemented and blocked up for human use. Now it's starting to look more like the riparian vegetation it once was. 

The creek is right next to a small local mall with not one but two Starbuck's Coffee shops within walking distance from each other. My fellow naturalist enjoyed our coffee drinks and the outdoor surroundings. We listened and saw two House Finches above us in an ornamental tree. 

The creek will fill with rain run off and flow into Malibu Creek. Two days prior to this visit to the creek I noticed a Waste Management Truck stealthily driving down the mountain just North of the creek. It was driving away from the Calabasas Landfill. The truck looked so small and the area looked pretty well disguised. You couldn't tell there was a landfill just beyond that mountain unless you've seen it from a distance. I've seen the Calabasas Landfill from Inspiration Point, if you look North East from the top of that location you can see the Landfill. I couldn't help but wonder how the surface runoff from the landfill did not flow into the newly restored Las Virgenes Creek. 

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