Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where are we going?

What crosses your mind when you think of your family? Do you think about where they came from? It seems as though nobody stays in the same place for very long. The United States was a place of refuge, hopes, and dreams. Looking into our past is such a great way of moving forward. And we are always moving forward in life. Although, many people say times were easier back in time. 

Today I was interviewed by a co-workers fiance' who is taking an asian american studies class. There is a lot to learn about our families. It's kind of funny because you never imagine your grandparents and parents growing up. They remain encased in their adult form performing different actions they say they used to do all the time. I can't imagine my mom skinny and in love with Elvis. Watching Jimmy Hendrix play live in Monterey. I only remember her with a big belly. I can't believe my grandmother was an athlete. I remember her watching her soap operas. 

Where does the time go? It really does just pass us by.

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